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TERI SAS lays great emphasis on disseminating knowledge created by its research to a wide range of audience through its research papers authored by TERI SAS researchers for peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings and information briefs.

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Total number of publications : 599


  • Cause and Occurrence of Drought
    Chander Kumar Singh, Rumia Basu, Saied Eslamian, 2016
    Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity

  • Changes in the Distribution of Cultivated Land and Occupational Pattern in Rural West Bengal
    Shantanu De Roy, 2016
    Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics

  • Characterization of Free-Fall Dust Aerosols at Two Different Heights in Delhi: Understanding the Influence of Carbon Fraction.
    Sachdeva, Kamna and Yadav, S., 2016
    J. Hazard. Toxic Radioact. Waste

  • Comparison of national level biomass maps for conterminous US: understanding pattern and causes of differences
    Neeti Neeti, Robert Kennedy, 2016
    Carbon Balance and Management

  • Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Mapping Rainfall in Indian Himalayas of Uttarakhand Region
    Madhuri Kumari, Ashoke Basistha, Oinam Bakimchandra, CK Singh, 2016
    Geostatistical and Geospatial Approaches for the Characterization of Natural Resources in the Environment


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