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TERI University has structured its academic programmes around the research experience and skill sets gained by TERI over the past three decades. Since its inception, the wide array of academic programs offered by the University have been related to sustainable development and structured around four thematic areas - Biotechnology, Regulatory & Policy aspects, Energy & Environment and Natural Resources.

TERI University is the first of its kind in India to dedicate itself to the study of environment, energy and natural sciences for sustainable development.

The University draws on about 30 research staff of TERI who are qualified with Ph.Ds and rich experience of working on projects related to regulatory studies, policy research, bioresources, biotechnology, energy and environment. These researchers work as adjunct faculty in the University.

The University offers Ph.D. programmes in areas related to Sustainable Development. Master's programmes are offered in Public Policy & Sustainable Development, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources Management, Environmental and Resource Economics, Climate Science and Policy, Renewable Energy Engineering and Management, Water Resources Management, Geoinformatics, Plant Biotechnology, Business Sustainability and in Infrastructure Management. The University transcends traditional teaching and its courses attract students from various fields like economics, geography, engineering, social sciences, physical sciences and life sciences. This allows an integration of various perspectives into the curriculum, which provides a holistic approach to their study.

The University's academic programmes are known for an emphasis on critical thinking and broad interdisciplinary exposure to the range of areas relevant to the study of sustainable development.

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