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M.B.A. (Business Sustainability)

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The M.B.A. (Business Sustainability), intended for both fresh graduates and mid-career professionals, is an effort to align leadership in both industry and government to current contexts. In doing so, this programme seeks to enhance the scope and knowledge body of management education in India by imparting conventional management skills to students as also by helping them develop new perspectives related to the integration of sustainable and ethical practices into management education. The students of this programme will be well equipped to meet the demands of a fast changing world. This is not just an M.B.A. programme; its a M.B.A.+ programme. This programme combines conventional M.B.A. curriculum with new sustainability challenges that have direct impact on a firms future performance financial and otherwise. The programme also leverages TERI's knowledge capital in sustainable development to deepen the social and ethical consciousness of management education in India. The graduates of this programme will become competent business leaders with a holistic and long-term perspective for a world that demands new skills and attitude.

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