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Determinants of respiratory and cardiovascular health impacts of traffic policemen: A perception based comparative analysis.
Bajaj, N., Sharma, T., Suneja, D., Jain, S., Kumar, P.,, 2017
Journal of Transport & Health


This study investigates the determining factors behind the adverse health effects of traffic policemen in National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. A comparative analysis between 532 traffic policemen (subject population) and 150 office workers (control group) was undertaken to study the prevalence of disease. A primary survey was conducted over a period of six months between July 2015 and February 2016 using a questionnaire survey as a primary tool. A significantly higher (p = 0.005) prevalence rate of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases was observed among traffic policemen compared with the control group. Symptoms such as thick sputum, pain in joints, and shortness of breath were prevalent in approximately 59%, 56%, and 45% of subjects, as compared to about 15%, 11% and 6% of the control population. The relative risk of developing respiratory and cardiovascular diseases was found to be significantly higher (RR>1) for the traffic policemen in comparison to the office workers (control group). This is a first cross-sectional study to highlight the plight of traffic policemen in the NCT region of Delhi. The influence of factors such as Body Mass Index (BMI), age, habits (smoking and alcohol consumption) and service duration on disease prevalence was assessed among traffic policemen using statistical tests. The service duration was found to be the most important determinant compared with other influencing factors such as BMI, age, which is significantly (p = 0.02) affecting the health of traffic policemen in the current study. A number of potential measures for improving the health conditions of traffic policemen are also discussed. Article is now published online at:
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