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Ph.D. (Natural Resources Management)

Attendance requirements

  • Attendance requirements for Ph. D students
    A Ph.D. student, whether full-time or part-time, is expected to attend all classes in each course in which he/she is registered. In case his/her attendance is less than 75%, he/she will be debarred from the test/ examination for the course and will be awarded an F grade.
  • Grant of leave to Ph.D. students
    (a) During course work a full-time Ph.D. student, during his/her stay at the University will be entitled to leave for 30 days, including leave on medical grounds, per academic year.He/she will not be entitled to mid-semester breaks, summer and winter vacations. Leave beyond 30 days in an academic year may be granted to a Research Scholar in exceptional cases subject to the following conditions:
    (i) the leave beyond 30 days will be without assistantship/scholarship; and
    (ii) such an extension of up to additional 30 days will be granted only once during the programme of the scholar.
    The leave will be subject to the approval of the Head of Department/ Dean/ Faculty/ Programme Coordinator concerned on the recommendation of the Supervisor, and a proper leave account of each scholar shall be maintained by the Department concerned.
    (b) After completing the course work a full-time Ph.D. student during his/her stay at the University, will be entitled to leave for 30 days per academic year. He/she will not be entitled to mid-semester breaks, summer and winter vacations. In addition, a Ph.D. scholar who has completed his/her course work may be granted leave on medical grounds up to 10 days per academic year. Women research scholars will be eligible for maternity leave with assistantship for a period not exceeding 135 days once during the tenure of their programme.
  • Attendance requirement for assistantship
    If a Ph D student's attendance falls below 75% in any course during a month, he/she will not be paid assistantship for that month. Further, if his/her attendance again falls short of 75% in any course in any subsequent month in that semester, his/her assistantship will be terminated. A research scholar after having completed the course work must attend to his/her research work on all working days and mark attendance except when he/she is on duly sanctioned leave. The requirement of 75% attendance will apply as above, on daily attendance except in cases where longer leave has been duly sanctioned within the leave entitlement of the student.
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