TERI University

M.Tech (Urban Development and Management)

Attendance requirements

  • A student must attend every lecture, tutorial, and practical class. However to account for late registration, sickness, or other such contingencies, the attendance requirement will be a minimum of 75% of the classes actually held.
  • A student with less than 75% attendance in a course during the semester, in lectures, tutorials, and practicals taken together (as applicable) will be debarred from taking the final test/examination in the course and will be awarded an "F" grade.
  • In order to maintain the attendance record of a particular course, a roll call will be taken in every scheduled lecture, tutorial, and practical class.
  • For the purpose of attendance, every scheduled practical class will count as one unit irrespective of the number of contact hours.
  • The Course Coordinator will consolidate the attendance record for the course (lectures/tutorials and practicals together, as applicable) from the beginning of the semester up to Minor Test I, from Minor Test I to Minor Test II, and from Minor II to the Major Test. He/she will indicate with an asterisk, the names of students with less than 75% attendance and send a list to the Registrar through the Head of the Department/ Centre. This information will be sent in writing by the Registrar to the students.

Absence during the semester

  • A student must inform the Head of the Department/ Centre immediately of any instance of continuous absence from classes.
  • A student who is absent due to illness or any other emergency, up to a maximum of two weeks, should approach the Course Coordinator to make up in quizzes/ assignments. Students should note that it will not be possible to repeat field visits/ tests taken during the field visit.
  • A student who has been absent from a Minor Test due to illness should approach the Course Coordinator for a make-up test immediately on return to class. This request should be supported with a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. The registration number of the medical practitioner should explicitly appear on the medical certificate. Before approaching the Course Coordinator, the student must file a copy of the medical certificate with the Academic Section.
  • In case a student has appeared in a Minor Test in the morning session and cannot appear in a Minor Test being held in the afternoon on the same day, the medical certificate has to be issued by a medical officer designated by the University.
  • In case of absence on medical grounds or other special circumstances before or during the Major Test period, the student could apply for an I Grade. Attendance of 75% in a course is necessary for being eligible for an I grade in that course. An application requesting I grade should be made not later than the last date of Major Test. This application should be made to the Head of the Department/ Centre of the student?s programme who, depending on the merits of the case, will grant approval and inform all the concerned Course Coordinators and Registrar. A student should subsequently complete all course requirements within 10 days from the date of the last Major Test. The 'I' grade will then be converted to a proper grade (A-F), NC (Pass), or NC (Fail).
  • In special situations arising due to a students inability to be present at the School during the stipulated period, the period for conversion of I grade can be extended to the first week of the next semester. Approval for this extension is granted by the Dean on the recommendations of the Head of the Department/Centre and the Course Coordinator. A request to this effect should be included in the application for I grade.
  • In case the period of absence on medical grounds is more than 20 working days during the semester, a student may apply for withdrawal from the semester, i.e. withdrawal from all courses registered in that semester. Such an application must be made as soon as possible and at the latest, before the start of the major test. No application for semester withdrawal will be considered after the major tests have commenced. Each application for withdrawal from a semester will be examined by the Dean and depending on the merits of the case, appropriate recommendations will be made. Partial withdrawal from courses registered in semester is not allowed.
  • If a student is continuously absent from the School for more than four weeks without notifying the Dean/ Head of the Department, his/ her name will be struck off the University rolls.
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