TERI University

M.A. (Sustainable Development Practice)

Sponsored candidates

Candidates working in the Industry / Government / Development Organizations are encouraged to apply for the full-time Masters in (SDP). All those who satisfy the minimum qualifications as mentioned above may be admitted to the programme after an interview.

These candidates are required to submit, at the time of interview, a sponsorship certificate from their employer on a proper letterhead, stating that for the period of his/her study at the University, the candidate will be treated as on duty with usual salary and allowances and that he/she will be fully relieved for the period of study for pursuing his/her studies. Sponsored candidate's application will be accepted only from those on the pay rolls of & sponsored by a registered company. Such applications would need to be accompanied by the audited balance sheet of the company and last year's income tax return of the applicant indicating the salary received from the company.
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