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    CRERP (Certificate Course in Renewable Energy Resources and Policies)

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    In this 20 weeks course the focus will be on the “energy“ factor of policy-making for sustainable development. It will explain energy policy and its development towards the use of renewable energy both grid interactive and off grid applications, issues and challenges. This coursework trains you with skills and ability to analyse current and future renewable energy scenarios, formulate solutions/policies, taking into account the social, environmental, regulatory and commercial issues and constraints.


    What are the various renewable energy sources? How are these different from fossil energy? How eco-friendly are the renewable options? What tools are there to promote them? This course will answer these and many more questions. In this programme you will explore:

    • The various types of renewable energy
    • How to assess the potential and economy of a renewable-energy source at a particular location
    • The environmental and health impacts of both conventional and renewable energy
    • National and international renewable policies
    • Case studies

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