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    CEIE (Certificate Course in Energy Infrastructure & Efficiencies)

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    Email Address: registrar@terisas.ac.in
    Phone Number: +91 11 71800222 (25 lines)

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    This is a twenty weeks program, offered in a semester. This certificate course is designed to provide students the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level employment opportunities in the energy conservation and efficiency sector. The course gives you a broader understanding of the scientific, economic and political context of the energy industry and infrastructure.


    What is the relationship between conventional energy infrastructure and energy conservation? How does a better relationship lead to achieve energy security and sustainable growth? This course will answer these complex questions. In this programme you will explore:

    • The conventional energy infrastructure for extraction and utilization of conventional energy sources like coal, oil and natural gas, nuclear and hydro.
    • The basic engineering principles and that acts as the foundation of the energy sector e.g. heat work and thermodynamics.
    • How infrastructure supports the conventional energy system and its technologies
    • Various energy consuming thermal and electrical services common to most of the industry
    • Energy saving opportunities and their quantitative assessment in the generation equipment, supply lines and application units of these services.
    • Energy auditing techniques and methodology

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