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M.Sc. (Water Science and Governance)

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The MSc in Water Science and Governance offered by the Department of Regional Water Studies at the TERI University is an interdisciplinary programme instituted to respond to the need for capacity building for sustainable water management. The objective of the programme is to create water professionals who are equipped to examine water issues in an interdisciplinary, trans-boundary and cross-cultural framework. The programme has been designed keeping into consideration an approach that views water holistically and looks at environmental, technical, social, economic, legal, traditional and policy dimensions linked to water. The unique blend of taught courses, field trips and internships undertaken by the students as part of the programme exposes them to real –time work environment and equips them with practical skills required to make them industry ready. 

WHY M.Sc Water Science and Governance ?

Water is no longer a free resource, which is easily accessible and available. The indiscriminate use and abuse of this precious resource has led to water becoming an economic good being sold in the market at a premium. In the past, water management was looked at only from an engineering lens and perhaps that was the reason why huge investments were made on building dams, designing irrigation pumps, constructing large networks of canals and setting sewage treatment plants. However, time has come to go back to the roots and once again view water from a socio-technical lens and manage it using an interdisciplinary approach. We are blessed to have a rich history of traditional water management systems wherein science was used to harness the water and communities took the initiative to manage and govern it. Today all global reports, be it from United Nations or World Bank or Indian National Water Policy, advocate participatory approach for managing water. Thus, a student undergoing a programme in Water Science and Governance is sure to have a first mover advantage in the contemporary water management space.


The TERI University is known for its dedicated research orientation, knowledge of sustainable development and policy formulation, and multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems. The TERI University actively addresses gaps in a holistic manner in the field of water and natural sciences, public policy, sustainable development and governance.

Programme benefits:

  • Relevant to both fresh graduates as well as working professionals. A student can choose a two year M.Tech/M.Sc. degree or can exit after the first semester with a PG certificate or can exit after one year with a PG Diploma.
  • Provides unique opportunities for students of various nationalities to come together, interact and develop a common perspective and understanding on water.
  • Field exposures to develop problem solving skills and shortening of learning curve to become a much sought after professional.
  • Inherent interest from organizations of repute to engage with students and researchers
  • The programme will be internationally prominent in near future. There is already significant progress in establishing tie-ups with a number of organizations having interest in water issues for fellowships, internships, knowledge partnerships etc.

Some of the ongoing research projects of WSG programme are as under:

  • Socio-ecological metabolism study for urban water planning: a case study of Delhi. In collaboration with University of Toronto, Canada. Funded by Enel Foundation.
  • Strengthening water and sanitation in urban settings. In collaboration with TERI, Coca-Cola and some NGOs.
  • Understanding decentralized energy interventions and their success conditions in select countries of Asia - Pacific. In collaboration with Tongji University, China; AIT, Thailand; University of Gahdah Madha, Indonesia.

Where will the Degree Take You?

The water market is on the brink of change, and the push for greater water security and sustainability has increased over the past decade. Emerging markets are investing heavily in water sector and companies are realizing that sustainable water use is not only good for the environment — it is also good for their bottom line. The students of this programme are moulded and equipped to take up jobs in corporate houses, water industry, government departments, donor agencies, NGOs and research institutions, or join the band of entrepreneurs passionately working for the cause of water availability, affordability and accessibility.

Student Participation / Events

Students organize events on World Water Day annually and participate in prestigious events organized by the TERI University. They are encouraged to submit scientific papers in conferences and journals.

Scholarships and International Students

Prestigious scholarships shall be offered every year to deserving students in order to encourage research in water sectors.

Check out our scholarship and application process page for more details.


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