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CRE (Certificate Course in Renewable Energy)

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It is now a known fact that production from conventional oil resources has already peaked, and that, at current usage rates, they will exhaust soon. Hence it is anticipated that the use of renewable resources and technologies will play a major role in future of the energy industries. Countries across the globe are facing energy security and energy price shock challenges. This 20 weeks coursework trains you with skills and ability to analyse current and future renewable energy engineering problems.


How can sun facilitate space cooling? How can wind generate energy and an oil seed run a car? What makes small hydro renewable? This programme will answer these questions. This course is designed to give you an insight in to the world of renewable energy technologies. You will get a chance to investigate all aspects of renewable energy. In this programme you will explore:

  • Solar energy and its thermal and photovoltaic application
  • Details of passive solar architecture
  • Wind technologies
  • Various biomass to energy routes
  • Small hydro technologies
  • Geothermal, tidal, wave ocean energy technologies
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell

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