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Students of the various programmes are initiated into a process of research from the second semester onwards. In the vacation between the second and third semesters, students are attached to organizations outside TERI as interns. The work they carry out there is guided by faculty members.

In the fourth semester students are assigned to major projects at various industries and other organizations in areas relevant to the subjects they have studied in the first three semesters. This project is guided by a faculty member from the University as well as by an executive from the organization where the project is being carried out. Both activities, summer internships and major project, carry credits and are assessed and graded.

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Total number of Master's Research : 1504


  • Assessing elephant dung decay rate in a forest-plantation mosaic in the Valparai plateau, Anamalai hills, southern India
    Student Name : Ms Sushma Sharma B S
    Guide : Dr Neeti
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2017
    Host Organization : Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Dr M. Ananda Kumar

  • Assessing the effect of water and sanitation on health in India
    Student Name : Ms Ayushi Jain
    Guide : Dr Seema Sangita
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2017
    Host Organization : TERI University
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Dr Prashant Kumar Singh

  • Assessing the effectiveness of china‚Äôs pilot emission trading schemes based on kaya identity parameters: the case of Beijing, shanghai and Guangdong
    Student Name : Mr Sahil Aggarwal
    Guide : Dr Kamna Sachdeva
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2017
    Host Organization : Climate Connect Ltd
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Mr Rahul Rana

  • Assessing the socio-economic status and self reported position on sexual violence among domestic workers in Delhi NCR: an exploratory study
    Student Name : Ms Varuna Chauhan
    Guide : Dr Prashant Kumar Singh
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2017
    Host Organization : Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Ms Nandita Bhatt

  • Assessing the sustainability of urban societies
    Student Name : Mr Anoop Raj Singh and Ms Harshita Kulshrestha
    Guide : Dr Suresh Jain
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2017
    Host Organization : Earthood Services Private Limited
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Ms Anshika Gupta


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