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Students of the various programmes are initiated into a process of research from the second semester onwards. In the vacation between the second and third semesters, students are attached to organizations outside TERI as interns. The work they carry out there is guided by faculty members.

In the fourth semester students are assigned to major projects at various industries and other organizations in areas relevant to the subjects they have studied in the first three semesters. This project is guided by a faculty member from the University as well as by an executive from the organization where the project is being carried out. Both activities, summer internships and major project, carry credits and are assessed and graded.

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Total number of Master's Research : 1401


  • A review of the process for setting the emission standards in India: a policy perspective
    Student Name : Ms Himani Malhotra
    Guide : Dr Suresh Jain
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2016
    Host Organization : Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Mr Kunal Sharma

  • A study of health, safety and environment aspects in high- rise construction
    Student Name : Mr Praveen Gupta
    Guide : Dr Hina Zia
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2016
    Host Organization : Simplex Infrastructure Ltd., Gurgaon
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Mr Arvind Anand

  • A study on coastal resources of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor, Andaman and Nicobar islands using remote sensing and GIS
    Student Name : Ms Lakshmi P
    Guide : Dr Nithiyanandam Yogeswaran
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2016
    Host Organization : Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Dr U. K.Sharma

  • A study on the significance of sustainable tourism in Meghalaya
    Student Name : Mr Tulenam Laloo
    Guide : Dr Chubamenla Jamir
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2016
    Host Organization : Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, Shillong
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Mr Augustus Suting

  • Activity time budget of Pieris canidia at an elevational gradient in Himachal Pradesh, India
    Student Name : Mr Sushant D. Potdar
    Guide : Dr Sudipta Chatterjee
    Status : Completed
    Year : 2016
    Host Organization : National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru
    Supervisor (Host Organisation) : Dr Krushnamegh Kunte


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