Admissions 2018

Faculty - TERI University






Selected Publications
 Legal Education in a Globalised Economy, is there a need for changing the purpose? An Indian Perspective
Legal News and Views Vol.26 No.5,

 Patent rights over Human Biological Materials and the Methodology for an Equitable Legal Regime
Indian Law Institute Law Review. 1 (2) ILI Law Rev. 302,

 Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
Proceedings of International Interdisciplinary Seminar on Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Children - Human Rights Dimensions (2015) ISBN: 978-93-5196-996-9,
 Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act 1979: Is it Adequate to Protect the Migrant Workmen?
Vitasta Law Journal. 1 VLJ (2011) 129,
 Legal Concepts used to Protect Person
Vitasta Law Journal. 2 VLJ (2012) 39. ISSN 2277 - 5234,

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