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Faculty - TERI University


Som Mondal
Assistant Professor,
Department of Energy and Environment

Som Mondal has worked in experimental fabrication of silicon solar cell. His expertise lies in industrial silicon solar cell and application of various laser assisted processes in its fabrication. He has also worked on TCAD simulation and development of alternative device characterization methods for solar cell. Prior to joining at TERI University, he worked with Solar Energy Corporation of India and the Ministry of Shipping, GoI, for implementation of utility-scale solar PV projects at major Indian ports. He is also the Co-PI of Centre of Excellence in Thermal Energy Storage in which he is working on development of thermal energy storage for various applications using phase change materials.

Courses taught
ENR 124: Solar Technologies (PV)
ENR 136: Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation (PV)
ENR 186: Heat Transfer Lab
ENR 122: Renewable Energy Resource Characteristics (solar)
ENR 119: Fundamentals of Thermal and Electrical Engineering (thermal)

Research interests
- Novel high efficiency solar cells
- Development of storage thermal energy storage materials and system for hot and cold applications
- PV module cooling

On-going projects
Centre of Excellence in Thermal Energy Storage at TERI University, New Delhi (Co-PI).




Educational Qualifications
  •  Ph D, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 2016

  •  M Sc, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 2009

  •  B Sc, University of Calcutta, 2007

Selected Publications
 Deep Diffusion of Phosphorus in Silicon using Microsecond-pulsed Laser Doping
Som Mondal and Chetan Singh Solanki
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Vol. 59 (2017), pp. 10-17,

 Characterization of Deep Junction Fabricated by Laser Doping using Internal Quantum Efficiency
Som Mondal and Chetan Singh Solanki
Published in Energy Procedia,54 (2014), 734 - 739,

 Deep Diffusion of Phosphorous in Silicon using 1070 nm Laser
Som Mondal and Chetan Singh Solanki
29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, pp.911 - 914, 2014, 22 - 26 Sep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

 Laser Fired Ohmic Contacts in Silicon using Pulse Modulated CW Laser
Akash Kumar, Som Mondal, Anishkumar Soman and Aldrin Antony
2nd International Conference on Emerging Electronics, 4-6 Dec, 2014, Bengaluru, India,

 Diffused bulk channels instead of laser drilled via-holes in emitter wrap-through solar cell structure: A simulation study
Som Mondal, Prasad Thakur and Chetan Singh Solanki
Solar Energy, 96, 2013, pp. 119-127,


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