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    Faculty - TERI University






    Selected Publications
     Public Hearings in Environmental Clearance Process: Review of Judicial Intervention
    M P Ram Mohan & Himanshu Pabreja
    The Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 51, Issue No. 50, 10 Dec, 2016,

     An exploratory analysis of occupational accidents and risks from nuclear reactors in India
    Anandajit Goswami & M.P. Ram Mohan
    Safety Science (Volume 78, October 2015, Pages 155?162),

     Nuclear Energy and Liability in South Asia: Institutions, Legal Frameworks and Risk Assessment within SAARC
    M P Ram Mohan
    Springer, India,

     The Supreme Court of India and Inter-State water dispute: an analysis of the judgements on Mullaperiyar Dam
    M P Ram Mohan & Krittika Chavaly
    Water Policy, vol. 17 no. 6, pp 1003-1018,

     Annual Review - Nuclear Energy Safety
    M P Ram Mohan
    Yearbook International Environmental Law, Oxford University Press, UK, Volumes 25,


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