Mala Narang Reddy
Assistant Professor,
Department of Policy Studies

Mala Narang Reddy has been associated with TERI University since June 2007. She is currently engaged in teaching the following courses: Cultural Ecology and Development, Introduction to Sustainable Development, Development Studies, and Population, Gender and Development. She is also engaged in a collaborative project, Decentralised off-grid electricity generation in developing countries. As part of this project she is reviewing existing efforts in South Asia in off-grid electricity generation and conducting a benefit mapping exercise to study the social, political and gender dimensions of decentralized electricity. Dr Reddy is also coordinating a unique programme, the MA (Sustainable Development Practice) whose design has been based upon the recommendations of a global situation analysis of development training programmes undertaken during 2007 - 08 by the International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice. It is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and aims to provide rigorous post-graduate training in four knowledge domains - natural sciences and engineering, health sciences, social sciences and management. The main objective of MA (Sustainable Development Practice) is to develop an international cadre of development professionals, well-equipped to tackle the interwoven challenges of extreme poverty, disease, climate change and ecosystem vulnerability, specific to the region. In the past, Dr Reddy has worked as a core team member in the Heritage Management Team at Pragya, an NGO based in Gurgaon. Her work involved management of the Heritage Preservation and Conservation Project in Lahaul and Spiti Districts of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, primarily in the fields of education, traditional crafts, and sustainable livelihoods for women. Her Ph.D. research involved the study aspects of continuity and change among the Angami of Nagaland, a community that has undergone tremendous upheaval since the advent of the British and Christian Missionaries. Her research interests include, Environmental Anthropology, North-East Indian Tribes, and, Agriculture and Sustainable Development.




Educational Qualifications
  •  Ph D in Social Anthropology, Delhi University, 2006

  •  M Phil in Social Anthropology, Delhi University, 2001

  •  M Sc in Anthropology, Delhi University, 1999

Selected Publications
 Continuity and Change in an Angami Naga Village
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 Review of the book Sociology of Population in India
Haq E
Published in Eastern Anthropologist. Vol. 62. April - June 2008,

 Review of the book Social Ecology and Agrarian Classes
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Reddy MN
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