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TERI University-MoES capacity Building program "Climate Change--impacts and responses"

Venue : TERI University
Date : 2-3 March 2017


TERI University is organizing a MoES funded capacity building Program that aspires to address critical issues related to worrisome questions of climate change and associated critical issues. The training program intend to provide an in- depth understanding on various aspects of climate change and its implications on sustainability dimensions. Additionally, it will also provide knowledge on synergies between development goals and local climate actions and integrating climate change concerns into other areas.

Dr. Kamna Sachdeva and Dr. Anu Rani Sharma

Certificate course on "Nuclear Energy and Law"

Venue : TERI University
Date : 6-11 March 2017


The objective of the NLA-TU Winter Course is to familiarise the participants with:
1. the basic understanding of nuclear science and technology;
2. the legal history and international engagement, with a focus on Global South;
3. the IAEA - its history, codes and guidelines -, and international nuclear treaties;
4. regulatory structures and liability regimes of select jurisdictions; and
5. India?s nuclear laws and regulatory processes, siting and consent procedures, environmental law and judicial decisions in India.

Participants: 35 maximum

Certificate of participation will be given. The Program will be held at TERI University, New Delhi.

Fees for 6-day course
1. Rs. 25,000 per person.
2. Rs 60,000 for three persons from the same organization.
3. Rs. 10,000 for NLA members and Rs. 7500 for students.
The fee includes - lunch and tea for the duration of the course, the course materials and travel to the Narora Nuclear Power Plant. Accommodation is not covered.

Limited numbers of single (Rs. 500/-) and shared rooms (Rs. 250/-) available per day near the University campus. Interested participants may contact course coordinator.

Course Director:
Dr. M P Ram Mohan, Associate Professor, TERI University, New Delhi
Phone: (+91) 92127-63410, Email:
Course Coordinator:
Ms. Rishika Singh, Lawyer and Researcher
Phone: (+91) 88004-56888, Email:

Roundtable on Enhancing Policy Impact of Social Science Research in India

Venue : TERI University
Date : 6 March 2017


Globally, the stream of social science research (SSR) had emerged as a major domain in the academic, policy, political as well as governance discourses, despite the popular perception that social science is far from natural and physical sciences. It has been seen that SSR not only helped in developing systematic knowledge relating to social life of human beings and the process of changes and interactions in the socio-economic sphere but also contributed to our understanding of economic, political, and social development process.

There is an inextricable link between policymaking and SSR, which needs to be addressed and moreover, it is of utmost importance to understand how SSR in India has influenced public policies and decision-making and what factors have contributed in fostering and strengthening any such association with government policies and programmes.

In general, government outlook towards social science research in India has been encouraging with two-fold objectives: one, to comprehend social, economic and administrative problems related to national development and second, to strengthen information-base to promote evidence-based policymaking. For instance, the Planning Commission of India (as well as the NITI Aayog) played a significant role in involving social scientists in policymaking. Likewise, several central government ministries and departments have established research institutes and supported research on socio-economic development and policy issues.

In this regard, supported by Think Tank Initiatives Program managed by IDRC, TERI University is organizing a roundtable conference titled "Enhancing Policy Impact of Social Science Research in India" in TERI University on 6th March 2017 from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm followed by Lunch. The main objective of the roundtable is to revisit the strength, barriers and opportunities that can further advances the contribution of social science research in informing policy making towards achieving the sustainable development goals in India.

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