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Economics Seminar Series-Seminar 4 "The Corporate Social Responsibility Act in India: An Early Assessment"

Venue : L-103, TERI University
Date : 22 March 2017


Speaker: Prof. Sangeeta Bansal, Centre for International Trade and Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University

The government of India recently enacted an Act that mandates firms to spend a minimum amount on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This makes India the first country in the world that makes it mandatory for large firms (defined in terms of net profits, net worth or turnover) to set aside at least 2% of their average net profit for socially responsible expenditures. These funds have a potential to contribute to the social development agenda of the country and improving its environment. This paper aims at providing an early assessment of the response by firms to this Act. It examines the extent to which the CSR Act has led firms to comply and increase the share of profits being spent on CSR and the extent to which implementation of the CSR Act over the financial year 2014-2015 has contributed additional funds towards the social development of the country. The analysis is based on firm level data set of firms all over India over the years 2010-2015. We use difference in difference methodology to quantify the effect of the Act on CSR expenditure of firms. We find that following the implementation of the CSR Act there has been an increase in the number of firms that are spending on CSR initiatives as well as the total amount spent on CSR activities. On average, an eligible firm spent between Rs 12-13 million more on CSR due to the Act. However, there is a very unequal distribution of CSR expenditures among firms. About 80% of the firms in our sample that come under the purview of the Act did not comply with it in the first year of implementation.

SWASH -2017

Venue : TERI University
Date : 28 March 2017


The Coca Cola Department of Regional Water Studies at TERI University is organizing their annual event, SWASH (Save Water and Save Humanity) in the campus at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 at 0900 hrs. The theme for this year's programme is "Water and Wastewater".

For details click here

Implementing SDGs in India: Challenges and Way Forward

Venue : TERI University
Date : 11 April 2017


The UN initiated SDG framework and goals presents before us formidable challenge of designing implementation strategies and strengthening institutions to achieve the targets by 2030. In order to understand and critically reflect on the nature of complexities, current efforts and preparedness required, the Department of Policy Studies at TERI University is organizing a one day event titled "Implementing SDGs in India: Challenges and Way Forward". The event will bring together renowned academicians, bureaucrats, development organizations, faculty and students to reflect, understand and discuss the possibilities for sustained action towards these goals.

Highlights of the event:

Critical reflection and brainstorming to understand the challenges in implementing SDGs

- Keynote Speech: Persisting Inequalities and SDGs - Professor Sukhadeo Thorat

- Panel Discussions: Challenges in implementing SDGs- policy and practice
(Experts from NITI Aayog, IDRC, IHD other academic institutions, industry and civil society)

Attractive opportunity for youth to display their innovative ideas and debate on sustainability

- Poster Competition "Innovative Solutions to Sustainability Challenges"
- Student Debate
- Attractive prizes for winners of poster competition and debate.

For registration write to: Dr. Swarup Dutta (, Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh (

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