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International Conference on Business, Economics & Sustainable Development (ICBESD 2018)

Venue : TERI SAS
Date : 22-23 February 2018


In view of the changing scenario of risks, environmental and otherwise, it has become imperative for a paradigm shift in business and economics. We need a development that will have zero impact on environment and should not be at the cost of posterity: sustainable development. In fact, business is being increasingly viewed by all the stakeholder groups involved as a powerful force in promoting the cause of sustainable development. The future lies with firms that internalize stakeholder inclusivity, resource efficiency, and environmental conservation as key elements in their core business strategy and process. However, it is easier said than done.
A plethora of research works are already in place to take up the challenges. Sustainable business or business sustainability is no more that unknown in our economic vocabulary. The efforts have received a new fillip with the declaration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - the 2030 Agenda by the UN.

In this backdrop, the Department of Business and Sustainability, TERI University, the pioneer institution of international importance in sustainability research, has resolved to provide a platform to the likeminded researchers by hosting its annual international conference: ICBESD2018.

The conference aims to bring together stakeholders including academia, industry, government, to discuss the need, challenges, and roadmap to approach long-term viability of business without compromising on profitability, competitiveness, and sustainable development.

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National Seminar on Poverty and Social Exclusion: A Life Course Perspective

Venue : IIPA Campus, Indraprastha Estate
Date : 12-13 April 2018


TERI School of Advanced Studies is organising a Two day national seminar on Poverty and social exclusion: A life course perspective, with Indian Institute of Public Administration and Lokashraya Foundation, New delhi on 12-13 April 2018. For more information please download the brochure.


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TU-DBT lecture series: Guest lecture by Dr. Peer Mittl, University of Zurich

Venue : Conference Hall, TERI University
Start Date : 4 September 2017
End Date : 4 September 2017


Speaker: Dr. Peer Mittl, Senior Scientist at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Zurich is delivering a talk on "Engineered Solenoid Proteins: tools for Structural- and Synthetic Biology" as part of our TU-DBT lecture series.


Solenoid proteins possess modular architectures comprising several repetitions of similar structural units. They are very abundant in natural organisms, since they are involved in many signal transduction pathways where they recognize one- and two-dimensional epitopes. The modular architecture supports this functionality, because the size and curvature of the paratope is easily adjusted by inserting or deleting entire structural units. These structural features are advantageous in vivo and can also be utilized for directed evolution experiments in vitro. Ankyrin and Armadillo repeats are two distinct structural units comprising two and three alpha helices that bind two and one-dimensional epitopes, respectively. Both types of repeats can be engineered in order to meet challenges in biochemical research.

Designed Ankyrin repeat proteins (DARPin) are 2D-binders that can be selected from combinatorial libraries to bind almost any target protein with high affinity. Additional advantageous properties, such as high expression yield and temperature stability, make them attractive for the development of crystallization aids, to overcome limitations in crystallogenesis for structural biology, molecular clamps and scaffold proteins. Using a stiff linker several DARPin domains can be combined into a polyvalent peptide chain that can recruit several targets into a stable complex.

Designed Armadillo repeat proteins (dArmRP) are 1D-binders that recognize flexible polypeptides. Models of dArmRPs suggest that dArmRPs and target peptides are anti-parallel and each Armadillo repeat recognizes two adjacent amino acids from the target. We utilize this unique architecture for the development a modular peptide recognition system, where the affinity of the binder can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of the application.

In summary, dArmPRs and DARPins are two examples of engineered solenoid proteins with high potential for applications in basic research, clinical diagnostics and disease treatment.

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