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The University doctoral programmes aim to provide outstanding students, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, an opportunity to build independent research careers. The creation of knowledge and tools through scholarship, research, and invention is fundamental to the life of the University.

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Total number of Doctoral Research : 122


  • Climate change vulnerability of forests and forest-dependent people in the central Himalayan region
    Student Name : Ms. Anusheema Chakraborty
    Guide : Dr Kamna Sachdeva
    Year of completion : 2017
  • Conceptualizing resource management domain framework for addressing differential agricultural needs of Mewat District, Haryana, India
    Student Name : Ms. Mamta Mehra
    Guide : Dr. Chander Kumar Singh
    Year of completion : 2017
  • Development of nano-particulate based chimeric drug delivery system using drug bioconjugated plant virus capsid on biocompatible nanoparticles
    Student Name : Ms. Indu Barwal
    Guide : Dr Alok Adholeya
    Year of completion : 2017
  • Emerging sustainability issues in business: A study of the interface between environmental, social, governance variables and business with special reference to Indian corporate sector
    Student Name : Ms. Ria Sinha
    Guide : Prof.Manipadma Datta
    Year of completion : 2017
  • Geostatistical modeling to predict rainfall in Indian Himalayas of Uttarakhand
    Student Name : Ms. Madhuri Kumari
    Guide : Dr Chander Kumar Singh
    Year of completion : 2017


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