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The University doctoral programmes aim to provide outstanding students, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, an opportunity to build independent research careers. The creation of knowledge and tools through scholarship, research, and invention is fundamental to the life of the University.

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Total number of Doctoral Research : 122


  • Downscaling of coarse resolution open source remotely sensed satellite based land surface temperature data
    Student Name : Mr. Sandip Mukherjee
    Guide : Prof. P. K. Joshi
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Energy use and GHG emission analysis of urban wastewater infrastructure and scoping for use of renewable energy resources
    Student Name : Ms. Pratima Singh
    Guide : Dr. Arun Kansal
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Fine mapping of spot blotch disease resistance QTL in wheat
    Student Name : Mr. Suneel Kumar
    Guide : Dr Shashi Bushan Tripathi
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Forest dynamics of the Central Himalaya and related changes in the supply of ecosystem services
    Student Name : Ms. Niyati Naudiyal
    Guide : Dr. Joachim Schmerbeck
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Germplasm characterization and mapping of pungency locus in Capsicum spp. from North-eastern India
    Student Name : Md. Aminul Islam
    Guide : Dr. Shashi Bhushan Tripathi
    Year of completion : 2016


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