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The University doctoral programmes aim to provide outstanding students, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, an opportunity to build independent research careers. The creation of knowledge and tools through scholarship, research, and invention is fundamental to the life of the University.

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Total number of Doctoral Research : 122


  • Characterization of MIRNA172 genes in Brassica
    Student Name : Mr. Shivaraj S M
    Guide : Dr. Anandita Singh
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Climate induced mobilization of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Ganges River, India
    Student Name : Mr. Brij Mohan Sharma
    Guide : Dr Shresth Tayal
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Development of chemical fingerprinting and chemo-metric methods for quality control of Indian Berberis species and their value added products
    Student Name : Ms. Daya Bhardwaj
    Guide : Dr. Nutan Kaushik
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Development of molecular tools and genetic stocks for marker assisted germplasm improvement of jatropha curcas
    Student Name : Ms. Pratima Pandey
    Guide : Dr. Shashi Bhushan Tripathi
    Year of completion : 2016
  • Disaster and Governance in Brahmaputra basin of India: case study of an ecological surprise within Assam
    Student Name : Mr. Navarun Varma
    Guide : Dr. Arabinda Mishra
    Year of completion : 2016


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