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The University has six active clubs (a) Dramatics Club, (b) Elocution Club, (c) Eco-Club, (d) Sports Club, (e) Music and Dance Club and (f) Media and Photography Club.

  • Dramatics Club: Students engage in activities like street plays, drama to spread awareness about environmental issues and sustainability.
  • Elocution Club: Is primarily formed to hone skills of students in public speaking, confidence building and overall personality development. Debates, quizzes, JAM sessions, poetry recitation, writing etc. are some of the activities, which students undertake.
  • Eco-Club: organizes and celebrates environment-related events and activities, such as 'No Plastic Day,' ‘Earth Day,’ ‘International Youth Day’, tree plantation drive etc.
  • Sports Club: The intra-university Sports Meet is an annual sports extravaganza organized by the TERI University's Sports Club. It's a two week long event, which includes sports like badminton, table tennis, cricket, athletics, volleyball, football, basketball and carom. All the sports events take place in the University premises except cricket and athletics, which are held in TERI Gram, Gual Pahadi, Gurgaon. This helps foster healthy sportsman spirit amongst students.
  • Music and Dance Club: This club encourages artistic pursuits and promotes talent of the students. It regularly organizes musical performances by students and artistes from outside. It helps develop and hone students' interest in music and traditional / contemporary dance forms.
  • Media and Photography Club: This club helps in creating awareness about the TERI University activities and its philosophy to the world outside.

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