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    TERI School of Advanced Studies

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    Himani Singh
    Himani Singh, Student

    Posted on : 19 / 04 / 2016

    Research Scientist
    NRSC-Hyderabad/RRSC-J (WEST)
    Indian Space Research Organization

    The programme of geoinformatics has opened up the world of GIS and remote sensing for those who want to contribute to society through space applications. The programme not only strengthens the core theoretical knowledge of geoinformatics but also sharpens your capability to excel in this field. The faculty is very supportive and encourages you to push your limits. Guest lectures from various organizations such as ESRI, ERDAS, ISRO guide us to where this science can be used as a great tool. This programme is not just a coursework, but is valued by many organizations that are in search of proficient manpower in geoinformatics.

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