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    Doctoral Research

    The University doctoral programmes aim to provide outstanding students, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, an opportunity to build independent research careers. The creation of knowledge and tools through scholarship, research, and invention is fundamental to the life of the University.

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    Total number of Doctoral Research : 112
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    • Conceptualizing resource management domain framework for addressing differential agricultural needs of Mewat District, Haryana, India
      Student Name : Ms. Mamta Mehra
      Guide : Dr. Chander Kumar Singh
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Emerging sustainability issues in business: A study of the interface between environmental, social, governance variables and business with special reference to Indian corporate sector
      Student Name : Ms. Ria Sinha
      Guide : Prof.Manipadma Datta
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Programmed cell death in Mycobacterium: study of the role of parDE genetic loci of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv in macrophage growth and dormancy
      Student Name : Mr. Manish Gupta
      Guide : Prof. Ramakrishnan Sitaraman
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Reinvigorating urban water planning using metabolism approach: Delhi as a case study
      Student Name : Ms. Ruchira Ghosh
      Guide : Prof. Arun Kansal
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Impact of environmental measures on export: a study of Indian Shrimp and Prawn exports
      Student Name : Ms. Savita Gautam
      Guide : Dr. Subir Sen
      Year of completion : 2016
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