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    Centre for Regulatory and Policy Research - TERI University
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    Centre for Regulatory and Policy Research

    Experimental and modelling assessment of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, CO2, and N2O) emission from a tropical hydro reservoir: case of Nam Theun 2, Laos

    Sustainable development requires thinking holistically and taking into consideration ecological aspects in every developmental activity. Every development has its impact on the ecosystem; and a sustainable society will require a multi-disciplinary approach involving all stakeholders. TERI is uniquely placed as it emphasis is on providing sustainable solutions for creating a better tomorrow. The work done at TERI provides a unique opportunity for students in the Centre for Regulatory and Policy Research (CRPR) of the TERI University to work on real life problems the society faces in the realm of energy, environment and resource utilization. The students in the CRPR work closely with researchers at TERI and other stakeholders to address the developmental challenges of developing countries like India. The research problems are a multi-dimensional and require skills cutting across science, economics and ecology. The programme equips the researcher to develop public policy and regulatory skills to address the societal problems.

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