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    Centre for Bioresources and Biotechnology - TERI University
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    Centre for Bioresources and Biotechnology

    Mass production of tissue cultured plants

    The Center is dedicated to promoting and advancing innovative research with emphasis on management of plant and microbial bioresources. The research conducted in the area of plant biotechnology includes: plant tissue culture, bio-prospecting of plants for medicinal and pesticidal properties, integrated pest management, crop improvement and genetic enhancement of economically important species through breeding and transgenic approach, generation of novel DNA-based markers for assessment of genetic diversity and marker-assisted breeding. Research in microbial biotechnology focuses on issues related to biofertilizers, bio-remediation and providing energy solutions, and characterizing microbial diversity.

    The University recognizes Bioresources and Biotechnology Division of TERI as Centre of Excellence. At the Center of Bioresources and Biotechnology, doctoral students pursue research activities under the supervision of research professionals who are also the adjunct faculty to the University. The Biotechnology and Bioresources Division fosters a multidisciplinary approach to solve the environmental problems and to improve plant species for sustainable utilization through biotechnology

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