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    About TERI University

    TERI University commits itself to academic excellence and provides an environment that will encourage both personal and intellectual growth through teaching, creating and sharing knowledge.

    Our Mission

    The TERI University aspires to contribute globally by serving society as a seat of advanced learning and to promote learning through teaching and through creating and sharing knowledge. The University commits itself to academic excellence and an environment which would encourage personal and intellectual growth.

    The TERI University provides world-class facilities and resources to its students and faculty so as to usher in innovative and multidisciplinary research.

    The academic programmes at TERI University are envisioned to provide students a holistic perspective of the subject at hand and have a wide approach to encourage interdisciplinary learning.

    Apart from doctoral research, TERI University provides opportunities for M.Sc. degree programmes in various fields and subjects like Environmental Studies and Resource Management, Climate Science & Policy, Economics, Geoinformatics, Plant Biotechnology and Water Resource Management. Also on offer are M.B.A. programmes in Infrastructure and in Business Sustainability and M.Tech. programmes in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management, Urban Development Management and Water Resource Management. The University offers M.A. programmes in Public Policy & Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Practice, the TERI University being one of the ten institutions chosen world- wide by the MacArthur Foundation, to run this programme.

    The University uses modern pedagogical tools for teaching which are richly supplemented by field visits, live industry projects and hands-on applications. The University provides the very best in equipment and instruments, including state-of-the art computer hardware and software, well-equipped laboratories, video-conferencing facilities and South Asia's most comprehensive library on energy and environment.

    Faculty members act as guides to students, engaging them in expanding the boundaries of inquiry through minor projects, summer internships, and a semester-long major project. Guest lectures by experts in various fields are organised throughout the semesters in order to give a wider perspective to the students.

    The University encourages exchange of ideas, cultural understanding and a wide range of knowledge that would result from international perspectives. To achieve this, the TERI University has academic collaborations with several select foreign universities, which provide for joint curriculum development and exchange of faculty and students. Top performers in the master's programmes get an opportunity to do their major projects at Yale University, USA, or at Freie University of Berlin, which are entirely funded through collaborative tie-ups.

    The University firmly believes that ample opportunity should be provided to students to unwind and relax. From participating in presentations to displaying their creative talent in the University's annual festivals, students have many ways in which to take a break from classroom rigour.


    The University was established with the following objectives:

    • To provide for institution and training in Energy Studies, Biosciences, Environmental Studies, Public Policy and other such branches of learning as it may deem fit.
    • To provide for research and for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
    • To do all such other acts and things as may be necessary or desirable to further the objective of the School.

    These may include, inter alia

    • Establishment of and participation in collaborative activities with other educational institutions in and outside the country.
    • To sponsor and organize teaching and training programmes, conferences and seminars on subjects of theoretical or practical relevance to the courses of study.
    University Governance
    Board of Management

    Dr Leena Srivastava

    Dr Rajiv Seth
    Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Dr Prateek Sharma
    Dr Arun Kansal

    Three eminent Academicians nominated by Chancellor
    Prof. Dipankar Gupta
    Former Professor in the Centre for the study of social systems, JNU
    Dr. Ashok Gulati
    Infosys chair Professor for Agriculture, ICRIER
    Dr. Ashok Khosla
    Chairman, Development Alternatives

    Nominee of the Government of India
    Air Marshal K K Nohwar (Retd.)

    Nominee of Sponsoring Society
    Mr.Inder Walia
    Former Group Director (HR), Bharti Enterprises
    Mr.Tulsi R Tanti
    Chairman and Managing Director, Suzlon Energy Limited
    Ms.Anita Arjandas
    MD & CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.
    Mr.Ishteyaque Amjad
    Vice President(Corporate Affairs),Coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd.

    Dr. Alok Adholeya
    Honorary Advisor, Sustainable Agriculture Division, TERI(Co. Opted)

    Two teachers
    (from Prof., Asso. Prof)

    Dr. Smriti Das
    Dr. Anandita Singh

    One teacher of the rank of Asst. Prof
    Dr. Soumendu Sarkar
    Controller of Examination
    Dr. Suresh Jain

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.)

    The Advisory Committee

    Chairman of the Committee & Nominee of the UGC
    Shri Manoj Gaur

    Vice Chancellor
    Prof Bhavik R Bakshi

    Deans of Faculties
    Dr Arabinda Mishra
    Dean, Faculty of Policy & Planning

    Dr Prateek Sharma

    Heads of Centres/ Departments
    Dr V V N Kishore
    Dr P K Joshi
    Dr Pallavolu Maheswara Reddy
    Dr Suneel Pandey
    Dr Priya Bhagowalia
    Dr Sitaraman Ramakrishnan

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.)

    The Academic Council

    Dr Leena Srivastava - Chairperson
    Vice Chancellor

    Dr Rajiv Seth
    Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Dr Prateek Sharma
    Dr Arun Kansal

    Heads of the Departments
    Dr Sapna Narula
    Department of Business and Sustainability

    Dr Suresh Jain
    Department of Energy & Environment

    Dr Sudipta Chatterjee
    Department of Natural Resources

    Dr Chaithanya Madhurantakam
    Department of Biotechnology

    Dr Nandan Nawn
    Department of Policy Studies

    Mr M V Shiju
    Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies

    Prof S Sundar

    Two Associate Professors from Departments
    Dr Naqui Anwer
    Dr Anandita Singh

    Two Assistant Professors from the department by rotation of seniority

    Dr Anu Rani Sharma

    Ms Fawzia Tarannum

    Nominees of the Vice Chancellor
    Dr Kanchan Chopra
    Dr Malathi Lakshmikumaran
    Prof T C Kandpal

    Co-opted Members
    Dr Anubha Kaushik
    Dr Vivek Suneja
    Dr Rakesh Khosa

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.)

    The Finance Committee

    Dr Leena Srivastava - Chairman

    Dr Rajiv Seth
    Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Representative of UGC
    Shri S K Ray

    Financial Advisor, Ministry of HRD

    Nominees of the Trust/Society
    Mr. Puneet Chandra, Sr. Director-Transformation, TERI

    Two nominees of Board of Management
    Prof Manipadma Datta
    Dr Smriti Das (Member BoM)

    Mr Dhanraj Singh, Finance Officer

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.)

    The Planning and Monitoring Board

    Dr Leena Srivastava

    Internal members
    Dr Rajiv Seth
    Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Dr Prateek Sharma
    Dr Arun Kansal

    Dr Sapna Narula
    Dr Sudipta Chatterjee
    Dr Suresh Jain
    Dr Nandan Nawn
    Dr Chaintanya Madhurantakam

    Outside Eminent Experts
    Dr Lakshmi Raghupathi
    Prof M N Murty

    Nominee of the UGC
    Prof Vir Singh, Dept of Physics
    IIT, Roorkee

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.), Registrar

    The Fee Committee

    Justice A K Srivastava - Chairperson
    Secretary General, Association of Retired Judges of Supreme Court and High Court of India

    Dr Leena Srivastava

    Dr Rajiv Seth
    Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Nominees of the Government of India
    Shri S K Ray
    Financial Advisor, Ministry of HRD

    Mr Dhanraj Singh
    Finance Officer

    Capt. Pradeep Kumar Padhy (Retd.)

    About our logo

    The emblem signifies what TERI University stands for

    'Looking for glory through reaching new horizons'

    TERI University Logo

    Inauguration by President

    TU Inauguration by President

    Colon top An exemplary example of combining traditional values of conservation and preservation of energy while building a state of the art campus. Colon bottom

    Former President of India
    Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil

    From the Chancellor's Desk

    Ashok Chawla has been a distinguished civil servant with over 40 years of experience in various sectors of the economy in India as well as in...Read more

    Mr.Ashok Chawla

    Meet our Vice-Chancellor

    Dr Srivastava has over thirty years of experience in the fields of energy and environment, including climate change, policy and economics...Read more

    Dr Leena Srivastava

    Meet our Pro Vice-Chancellor

    Dr Rajiv Seth is an Aerospace Engineer by training. He has a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and an M.Tech from the Indian...  Read more

    Dr Rajiv Seth

    The figure of a running student symbolises his quest for knowledge with his arm reaching out towards a rising sun. The rising sun stands for hopes, aspirations and enlightenment which would go along with new and innovative research in an institution of higher education.

    The dark blue colour signifies seriousness and tranquillity, whilst the bright orange and red stand for the enthusiasm and the fire within - qualities which students of TERI University will be imbibed with.

    Along with the lofty ideals which the university stands for, the use of capital letters has been avoided in the emblem to signify modesty and humility which were the hallmark of ancient Indian sages and rishis.

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